Rebent - Réseau benthique
 Benthos Overview Why should the benthos be monitored ?
Management requirements

Pressures of human activity
The attraction of the coastline and the pressures exerted upon it keep growing; it has become a highly coveted area. This is true for the land (non marine area) where demography as well as urbanization and industrialization have developed over the last decades. 
Consequently, land planning encroach on the maritime domain and some agricultural, industrial and urban activities have increased the development of effluents and waste disposal. But this is also the case for the coast, where numerous marine activities have correlatively been developing : tourism, yachting, shellfish farming, aggregate extraction, etc.


The cohabitation of all these activities, whose requirements are often contradictory, needs organizational and management skills, and it also needs to be compatible with the protection of the marine environment and the conservation of natural resources.

Study of biocenosis
Within this context, it is essential to know more about benthic biocenosis and their evolution. It is one of the main aspects of management that must to be considered at the local, regional, national and even international levels.

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