Rebent - Réseau benthique
 Benthos Overview What is benthos ?

Benthos includes all living organisms closely related to the sea floors. Benthic plants, or phytobenthos (algae and pharenogams) can be distinguished from benthic animals, or zoobenthos (worms, molluscs, shellfish, fish, etc). Moreover, the fauna living on the surface (or epifauna), attached or free-floating, is different from the fauna living in sediments (endofauna).

Concerning the REBENT network, only marine macrobenthos (organisms greater than 1 mm in size ) living in tidal zones and on shallow sea floors along the French coastlines, are studied.

Discover benthic organisms through : 

Photo : votre description de l’image - ©Their classification : benthic organisms belong to different groups.

Photo : votre description de l’image - ©Their nutrition : benthic animals do not all feed in the same way.

REBENT :  macrobenthos

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