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Benthic biocenosis

Conditions and factors
Along the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean coastlines and particularly in Brittany, the abundance of seabed habitats highlights the importance of diverse ecological conditions. Among the main factors are (i.) nature of sea floor (rocks, broken stones and gravel, sand, mud, etc), (ii.) swell exposure (coasts battered by waves and winds, sheltered coasts, etc) and current exposure, (iii.) depth (has an effect on temperature, light), (iv.) fresh water supplied by rivers (has an effect on salinity, turbidity, nutrient enrichment).

These environmental conditions, combined with benthic organism inter-dependency(food, shelter, etc), determine typical combinations, i.e. biocenosis.


Particular biocenosis
Among the numerous biocenosis found along the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean coastlines, either in tidal or in subtidal zones, some are particularly remarkable and of great interest to the environment : 

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