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  Accessibility to the REBENT website

Accessibility to the REBENT website


Main menu 
The main pages can be explored easily. By clicking on a heading, its submenu is displayed on the screen and gives direct access to the pages. By clicking on a page, all pages are displayed in the menu, on the right side of the screen, and are available at any moment. 

Ariane’s thread
It is a navigation tool that enables you to find your way on the website. It is systematically displayed on the left side under the top banner (visual identity). It helps find the access path within the organizational chart and to easily go back to the upper level. It is displayed as « Heading displayed > Sub-heading displayed».

Tools menu  
A navigation menu is displayed on the right side, at the bottom of each page, and gives direct access to the following tools : “Return to home page”, print, links, glossary, contacts, accessibility, website plan.

Website plan
It gives a general view of the contents, with access to each page.

“Return to home page” logo
Clicking on the logo displayed in the page top banner enables you to return to the home page.

Contenu - Téléchargement 

La plus grande partie du contenu est disponible en format HTML.
Les documents à télécharger le sont dans un format texte ou  PDF, d’Adobe Acrobat.
Si vous n’avez pas Acrobat reader, vous pouvez le télécharger sur le site d’Adobe :
> Télécharger Acrobat Reader.


Le site est doté de feuilles de styles alternatives qui vous permettent de le consulter dans différentes présentations :

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